Daily Photo: Adventureland Tikis

These Tikis found in Adventureland at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom have always been cool to me. I have always enjoyed standing around them to hear the drum sounds coming from inside them.

I wasn’t quite as happy when they were converted to spray water on whoever was standing there. To me, that cheapened them a bit. And made it harder to get a picture, because especially in the summer there were always kids standing around wanting to get wet.

Here are the Tikis early in the morning, just standing around.

Adventureland Tikis in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World

About the Photo

I liked how the early morning sun was coming from behind the Tikis here, and I was glad they held still for the brackets.

Three exposures (-2, 0, +2) as we were walking by, merged and tonemapped in Photomatix, and then finished up in PaintShop Pro.