Christmas with the Riedels 2019

One More Christmas Gathering

A couple of days after Christmas Day, we kept Christmas going by having our annual gathering with the Riedels at our house. And as is our tradition, we took some photos to commemorate the day. Also, as is my tradition, I am sharing them here. These aren’t necessarily in the order that they were taken, by the way. Although that probably does not matter to you.

Burnses and Riedels at Christmas

For starters, here is our whole group together, including Zoey the dog, who was actually looking in the general direction of the camera. That is pretty good since there was no one behind the camera to get her attention. One of the downsides of remote-controlled photography sometimes.

Burnses and Riedels minus Zoey the dog at Christmas

And here is the people-only version of the group photo. We didn’t even move around all that much from one photo to another.

The Riedels at Christmas

Up next are the Riedels by themselves. I always forget that we should put Brant in the middle since he is the tallest.

The Riedels again

And then once again we have the Riedels plus Zoey.

Steve and Laura and the Christmas tree

Laura and me. And I am wearing a shirt that Laura made me, which features me as a photographer!

Burnses and finger puppets

Here are the three of us Burnses together. Plus, Santa brought Laura some finger puppets! To say she was excited is an understatement!

Some Fun Photos

Laura as a test photo

When I am testing my lighting setups, I always end up with a few fun photos, such as this one of Laura.

Katie and Zoey

Here is another test with Katie and Zoey. As you can see, Zoey was not all that interested in participating.

Katie, Zoey, and Laura

Then Laura showed up with the finger puppets, just to add more fun to the photo. Zoey, meanwhile, was looking for a way down.

Laura, Katie, and Unstable Unicorns

Also, we played a fun game called Unstable Unicorns that the Riedels brought with them. Our lovely models show it off here. The game did get a little heated at times, but it all turned out okay in the end. No friendships were ended because of the game, thankfully.


Laura and Katie make earrings

As part of the day’s fun, Laura and Katie made earrings in the afternoon. They were hard at work here figuring things out.

Laura and her earrings

Here, you can sort of see Laura’s completed earrings that she made, although the depth of field of the photo makes them slightly blurry. But you can get a good idea of what they are, I think. Katie finished one of hers and took the other one home to finish.

So there you have it. We had a fun time spending the day together as we always do. Always nice to have friends who are like family!

Christmas with the Riedel and Burns families in 2019