Christmas Family Photos for 2021

Together Again!

One of our traditions for our Christmas gatherings is taking family photos. If you do not do that, I would recommend that you start. You might not realize now how important those photos will be to you in the future.

Another of our (well, my) traditions is to share those photos here for whoever wants to see them. So here is a look back at Christmas in 2021, and the New Year, too!

Christmas with the Riedels

A couple of days before Christmas, we had our annual Christmas gathering with the Riedels. It was nice to have all seven of us together again, which has not happened in quite a while. We ate, played games, exchanged gifts, and of course took a group photo, too.

We also took a girls photo, which is something of a tradition, too. I don’t know why a guys photo is not also in our traditions, but it is not. But that’s okay.

And then here is a photo of Laura and me, too. This was taken when I was making sure that I had everything set up properly. What you can’t see in all of these photos is that my phone is in one of my hands, because that was what I was using to control the camera. It beats setting the auto timer and then having to run get in my spot.

Christmas Eve

The next day was Christmas Eve, and as is our Christmas Eve tradition, we spent the day at my parents’ house. In addition to taking a photo or two, we ate lunch, exchanged gifts, watched some television, drove around to look at Christmas lights, and then ate again before going home. It was an excellent day.

I often get interesting photos when I am setting everything up, often thanks to Laura, who likes out-of-the-ordinary photos. Because the standard poses do start to look the same after a while.

In addition to our group photo above, we also took individual photos, such as this photo of my parents…

…and a photo of the three of us, too.

Christmas Day

On Christmas Day, we were actually somewhat boring and only took this one photo of ourselves. We were having too much fun relaxing after exchanging gifts. However, my parents did come over, and we ate some leftovers from the day before with them. But we did not think to take any photos until after they left. However, at this same time I did also take the Christmas tree photo that I shared a few days ago. So it wasn’t like I only took one photo that day. I took two.

New Year’s Day

Fast forward a week, and we had a New Year’s Day gathering with the Riedels. We typically have a New Year’s Eve party together. But this year, circumstances prevented that. Fortunately, we were able to get together the next day. And guess what? We took a group photo!

Also in the group photo is Zach’s girlfriend Leah, who we got to meet for the first time since she was in town for a few days. It was great to be able to hang out together, eat, watch football, and play games. Before this photo, we played Throw Throw Burrito, a card game that also involves throwing foam burritos at each other. So if we look a little askew, that is why. it is great to have a group of friends who will still take a picture with you after you have thrown burritos at each other!

And just for good measure, here is a photo of Leah and Zach. I took photos of the rest of the Riedels, but due to some sort of photographer error, they came out just a bit blurry. Stupid photographer!

That’s All For Now

So there you have it, another Christmas in the books. And in photos. Our traditional gatherings never are quite the same from year to year, and they never are what you might consider traditional holiday gatherings, either. But getting to spend time with our people is what makes it all fun!

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