Christmas Decorations!

It is time for Christmas decorations!

Okay, so I know there are those who have had their Christmas decorations out for a while now. And I am not just talking about those department stores and malls who start decorating at the end of September. I have seen some decorations at houses for at least the last three weeks, if not longer. And that doesn’t even include those who never did take their Christmas lights down after last year. That is a whole different issue.

At our house, we usually start decorating sometime during the Thanksgiving weekend. This year was no different, as we started getting things out on the Friday after Thanksgiving. For some, Black Friday means getting up early to go shop with a bunch of other crazy people. But for us, it means getting out the Christmas decorations. Or at least some of them.

We do quite a bit of decorating at our house, so it isn’t an all-in-one-day process. This time around, we went at it in reverse order from what we usually do. Friday was a relatively nice day, and rain was predicted for Saturday. So we decided to put up our outside tree and lights on Friday while it was nice. Usually, we end up waiting a week or so to get to that, and it always ends up being cold outside. Or dark, because we don’t have time to get to it before the sun goes down. But this time we were able to work in relatively warm weather, and in broad daylight. Of course, we had to wait until night to make sure everything looked just right, but it did.

And then on Saturday, we worked on our main tree in the den. It has lots and lots of lights, and lots and lots of ornaments. But it is always fun to put it up, and it always looks good when we are done. This year is no different, I think. Good to have it up.

We still have a bit more decorating to do. One more tree, and some other things here and there. But it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas in our house.

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