Center Street at the Magic Kingdom

Center Street in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World

Center Street runs off of Main Street USA in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. It is actually more of a dead-end alley than an actual street, and it separates some of the shops of Main Street, providing a break in the architecture of the storefronts.

I always take several photos of Center Street on our visits. And that is only partly because Laura likes to shop in the Uptown Jewelers Shop to the right. Although it does give me a way to pass the time after I have looked at all the jewelry.

I like Center Street because if you stand on Main Street and look down Center Street, it appears to be a complete environment. If you look up Main Street, you can see a big castle. While the castle is nice, it doesn’t actually fit in with the whole Main Street theme. Center Street, however, looks as if everything actually belongs right there.

The greenery on Center Street is always a nice touch, giving the area more of a “living” feel. Because, as you can see here, there are usually more plants than people there.

Of course, that lack of people is yet another reason I like Center Street. It can be a nice, quiet place to pass some time away from all the crowds. Some people may say there is nothing to do down there, but I beg to differ.

About the Photo

A single RAW exposure, processed in Adobe Lightroom. Read more about the photo software and gear I use at the camera gear page.
Camera: Canon EOS 60D
Lens: Sigma 10-20mm