Census of Agriculture

One of the interesting things of living where we live is that we get to fill out a Census of Agriculture. No, really. A census all about agriculture.

Census of Agriculture

Yes, it is just what it sounds like. A questionnaire about agriculture. How much land do you have? What crops do you grow? How many animals do you have, and what types? How many trucks do you have? I bet you probably didn’t know there even was such a thing.

Just like a regular census, it is all official and important. You are even threatened with what will happen if you do not return it. Which actually does not involve a late night visit by the Chick-Fil-A cows rolling your yard.

Of course, agriculture is serious business, so an agricultural census actually makes sense, I guess. And it is easy for us to fill out, because we don’t grow any crops of any kind, we just have the two horses, and we don’t have any hired help. So the twenty-page form went by pretty quickly.

Just one of those things I never knew about until we moved out to the country.

And you don’t have to say it - I already know you are jealous.