Cats and Dogs

It is raining cats and dogs! Well, actually it isn’t. I have no idea if it is actually raining at all. And why do they compare rain to cats and dogs, anyway? Why don’t they compare rain to something more like water falling from the sky? Anyway, back to cats and dogs.

This week, our cat was in for a rude awakening, as we have been dog sitting for two dogs. Two inside dogs, I might add. Which makes life a little difficult for our inside cat. And it probably makes our outside dog just a bit jealous, too.

If you want proof that cats are smarter than dogs, then just have them inside your house for a while. Cats have the good sense to use the litter box. Dogs, on the other hand, wait for you to take them outside to do their business. If you are lucky. Which we have been this week. Some dogs, like these dogs, can also tell you if they need to go outside. They don’t come up and say, “Hey, you know, I could really stand to go outside right about now!” But instead, they will come and stare at you, or go stand by the door and bark, or some such thing. Still, that isn’t quite as good as actually using a litter box. Especially if you are right in the middle of something important when they decide they need to go out. Such as a good television show. Or sleep.

Fortunately, these particular dogs don’t bark all that much. Unless our outside dog starts barking and they feel the need to join in. Which does happen from time to time, especially if there are coyotes in the area doing their howling thing. I still don’t know why dogs feel the need to join in on that wonderful sound, but they do.

When we have been home, we have been leaving the front door open, but still with the glass storm door closed, which gives the dogs a chance to look out. It also gives our outside dog a chance to look in. Many times, he has been lying there on the front porch looking in at us longingly, as if to say, “Hey, I know they are dogs just like me. So why is it that they get to be inside sitting on the couch watching TV while I have to be stuck out here looking in? Some dogs have all the luck!”

There haven’t been too many cat/dog fights. Although one morning we heard a noise, and later discovered that several of the magnets had been knocked off the refrigerator in the kitchen. Apparently, the cat was either jumping up on the refrigerator or jumping down off the refrigerator, most likely to find her “happy place” away from the dogs. But no one is showing any signs of scratches or bites, so it is all good. Although it does make me wonder what might go on when we aren’t at home.

And fortunately, there haven’t been many times when the dogs have needed to go out when it was raining cats and dogs. Because that would just be bad. I think.

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