Cars at Disney's Art of Animation Resort

Cars at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

Sally and Lightning McQueen at the Art of Animation Resort at Walt Disney World.

On our recent stop by Walt Disney World after our Disney Cruise, we walked over to the Art of Animation Resort to have a look around. We didn’t have all that much time, so we really only got to see the Cars and Finding Nemo sections.

We all really enjoyed the Cars area, thinking it was really well done with lots of great photo opportunities. Of course, this view of Sally and Lightning McQueen in front of the Wheel Well Motel is the classic shot that probably everyone has to get. Including me. Everyone in our group liked how much it looked like you are right there in the movie. And we liked how you could get your photo with all of the main cars from the movie. Pretty cool. And on top of that, the areas around all the cars were rubberized. I guess that is so no one would get hurt if they were climbing on the cars (we didn’t) and fell off. What will they think of next.

Maybe not quite as impressive as Cars Land at Disney California Adventure, but since we haven’t been there, this will have to do for now. And it did pretty well in our opinion.

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Camera: Canon EOS 60D
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