The Cadre Building in Memphis

Last week, one of our church girls got married, and I was asked to help out with the sound. Instead of getting married at our church building, she was getting married at the Cadre Building in downtown Memphis, Tennessee. When I went for the rehearsal, I just happened to have my camera in the car. And I was glad I did. Click each photo to see it larger, by the way.

Cadre Building in Memphis

They said that the Cadre Building used to be a bank, but it wasn’t like any bank that I go to now. They just don’t build banks like they used to. This one actually made me think of the bank where George Banks worked in the movie Mary Poppins.

Cadre Building in Memphis

I liked the chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, and how they brought out the different shapes of the ceilings and the walls with light and shadow.

Cadre Building in Memphis

In one area, the wedding planner (a good friend of ours) had set up a couch and a backdrop for a photo booth, which was used by several people during the reception the next night.

Cadre Building in Memphis

The restrooms were downstairs, and some offices were down there as well. I also heard that the bank vault was still down there, too, but I never did have a chance to go looking for it. But even the stairs were pretty neat.

Cadre Building in Memphis

There was also a balcony area that overlooked the main floor of the Cadre Building, and this was the view from up there. The blue hour lighting from the overhead skylights really added a lot to this photo, I think.

Of course, it looked a little different the next night when the room was full of people and the candles were all lit. But I was busy that night and didn’t have a chance to take more photos. Still, I was glad to take the photos that I took because the Cadre Building was a beautiful place.

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