Burnsland Podcast Episode 9 - What Are You Known For?

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Burnsland Podcast Episode 9 - What Are You Known For?

Welcome back to the Burnsland podcast. This time around, we examine an important question: What are you known for? The short answer is that you are known for what you do. So then that leads to another, rather obvious question: What do you do? That question can have all kinds of answers.

But you can determine what you are known for by what you choose to do. You can make choices and do things that will influence what people see in you. You can’t just tell them that you do something. You have to show them. It sometimes takes time, but it can be done.

Listen in for some thoughts on what you are known for and how to change that if necessary. Of course, the best way is just to go out and be kind and loving to everyone!

Also, an explanation of another recent social media post: “Loving people love people. People love loving people.” What does all that really mean? Listen in to find out!

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