Burnsland Podcast Episode 32 - Steve and Laura

Something New

Burnsland Podcast Episode 32 - Steve and Laura

After a bit of a break (again), the Burnsland Podcast returns with something new! And there’s a change because the podcast has a new cohost. Now, instead of listening to Steve talk to himself, you can listen to Steve and Laura talk to each other. After all, a conversation is much better than a monologue.

Because this episode serves as something of a relaunch, this one is a bit of an introduction, just to make sure you know who you are listening to. We tell some things about ourselves individually, and then we tell about ourselves together. And we also tell some things about each other, too.

We are just getting started, at least as far as podcasting together goes. We have been talking to each other for a long time, after all. Anyway, an introduction is as good a place as any to start. Do you have questions or comments for a future episode? Just let us know.

Listen in to Episode 32 to hear all the fun!

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As always, listening information is on the main Burnsland Podcast page here at the site, or you can go straight to the Burnsland Podcast Site itself, too. Or just search for “Burnsland Podcast” in your favorite app!

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