Burnsland Podcast Episode 27 - Don't Laugh

Funny Things

The Burnsland Podcast returns with a look at some times when was not necessarily appropriate to laugh. Have you ever had a strong urge to laugh but have had to try to keep it in due to the circumstances? Were you successful in not laughing?

Here are a few stories from situations that I found funny, but I just could not laugh because of what else was going on. Three involve church, one involves high school. And interestingly, all four of them involve songs. There are more that I could have shared, but these will do for now. Maybe they are not as funny to you. Maybe you had to be there. And sometimes things are not all that funny until someone else starts laughing, which then sets you off until you both can’t stop.

But even though you (probably) weren’t there, you might still be able to see the humor in these stories and possibly even laugh. Unless you are listening to this episode somewhere where you can’t laugh. If that is the case, don’t laugh. Or at least try not to. Good luck!

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