Burnsland Podcast Episode 21 - The Future

What Will Happen?

Burnsland Podcast Episode 21 - The Future

One of the big questions these days is actually one of the great unknowns of all time: What will happen in the future?

More specifically right now, we are wondering when things will open back up, if life will ever return to normal, if there will be a second COVID-19 wave in the fall, what the coming school year will look like, and on and on.

And here is the answer: No one knows. People will talk for quite a long time about what their guesses and predictions are, but ultimately, they do not know.

Our first inclination is to worry about what the future holds. But here is the secret, which you have probably already figured out: Worrying does not change anything at all, except for your stress level.

So instead of worrying about the future, just enjoy it! Easier said than done, right?

Listen in to the latest episode of the Burnsland Podcast as we talk more about the future!

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