Burnsland Podcast Episode 2: The Internet

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The Burnsland Podcast Episode 2: The Internet

The Burnsland Podcast returns with Episode 2!

This time around, the podcast is all about the internet. We open with a bit of history. But not that boring stuff. Instead, this is the history of the Burnsland website and its predecessors. Just in case you were wondering how this all came to be.

In addition, there are some memories of the early days of the internet, some thoughts about the changing ways in which we have used the internet, and some of the benefits of using the internet, too.

Have I made it clear that this episode is about the internet? Because I certainly used that word enough times, didn’t I?

How to Listen to the Burnsland Podcast

Want to know how to listen? Hint: You probably have to use the internet.

But seriously, there are several places you can listen in:

  • The Burnsland Podcast site: The episodes are actually hosted at a separate site, and you can listen to them through the built-in player there.
  • Apple Podcasts: For all you iPhone and iPad people out there.
  • Other Podcast Apps: You should be able to find it by searching for “Burnsland Podcast” in each app. Note that when I tried to search just for “Burnsland” in one app, it didn’t come up, so make sure you use the full name. If that doesn’t work, most apps will let you enter the feed address, and they will pick it up from there.
  • Other ways? If you find the Burnsland Podcast at other places, I would love to hear about it, too!

Thanks for listening! Thank you to those who have offered feedback after the first episode! And thank you to those who have shared the link with a friend, too!

Be sure to check back at the Burnsland Podcast page here or the main Burnsland Podcast site for future episodes, too!

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