Burnsland Podcast Episode 19 - Reach Out

Reach Out

The Burnsland Podcast returns with an important message for this time in which we are living: reach out.

In this time, you can’t do as the old telephone ads used to say, “Reach out and touch someone.” At least not physically. But you can reach out, and there are other ways to touch people. Here’s a summary of the podcast:

  • Feeling good? Encourage those who aren’t feeling optimistic right now.
  • Feeling okay? Encourage others to help take your mind off of your situation.
  • Feeling bad? Ask others for help.

In these modern times, there are so many ways to reach people. There are emails, text messages, social media posts and messages, video chats, and more, in addition to those old fashioned ways of cards and phone calls.

Do what you can for someone else. Or ask someone else to do something for you if you need it. Even though we are supposed to be isolated as much as possible, we still lots of ways to reach people.

Keep the good flowing and show love to others!

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