Burnsland Podcast Episode 14 - Getting Older

Another Trip Around the Sun

Burnsland Podcast Episode 14 - Getting Older

The Burnsland Podcast is back again. And somehow, since the time of the last episode, I have gotten a year older. Actually, I am just a week older than I was last week. The only change is that the week that passed was the last week of the most recent trip around the sun for me. So I had to increase the last digit of my age by one. Fortunately, that did not make the next to last digit increase as well. That will be next year.

So to celebrate that momentous occasion, here are some thoughts about getting older. When you are a child, you look forward to getting older. When you are an adult, not so much. Why is that? And why do we have to conform to what people say our age means, anyway? Hey, you! Yes, you! Don’t act your age!

Listen in to the fun in the latest episode of the Burnsland Podcast!

Just So You Know

Here are are few interesting points about the show, just in case you were wondering.

First, I am not a trained speaker. You probably could tell that already. And I talk too fast. In my head I am always telling myself, “Slow down!”

Second, I don’t use any notes. I organize some ideas in my head beforehand, but I never bother to write any of it down. To me, that keeps it “fresh” and “original” and whatever other “words” you might put in “quotation marks.” The downside is when I finish up and then think, “Oh man, I forgot to say that point!”

Third, I would love it if hundreds of people (or more) would listen to each episode. But if just one or two people get something out of it, then it has been worth my time.

Fourth, did I mention that I am not a professional?

But hopefully, it all makes sense when you listen in. If you ever have any questions or need any clarification, just let me know!

How to Listen

As always, listening information is on the main Burnsland Podcast page here at the site, or you can go straight to the Burnsland Podcast Site itself, too. Or just search for “Burnsland Podcast” in your favorite app!