Burns Family Christmas 2016

Merry Christmas from the Burns Family! Yes, Christmas was a couple of days ago now, but here is a photo of us on Christmas in front of our Christmas tree. This was actually right after we returned home from our morning worship service at church. Laura suggested that we take a family photo before we all changed clothes, since we would spend the rest of the day just lounging around the house. The evening church service was cancelled because of the Christmas holiday, so we got to spend the rest of the day at home with nothing to do but to spend family time together and enjoy being there.

The next day, December 26, was much the same, as we once again didn’t have anywhere to go. We had a nice day at home watching movies and football games, playing games, enjoying the unseasonably warm weather outside, and just spending time together again.

For Christmas Eve, if you were wondering, we spent most of the day at my parents’ house. My grandmother was there for Christmas Eve lunch, as was my cousin and her husband. And then we had an afternoon of opening presents and enjoying being together.

All of that was much different than the days before, when we were enjoying a vacation to Walt Disney World with our friends the Riedels. It was great to be there with friends and to see all of the Christmas decorations, and of course to ride all of the rides and have fun. But it was also nice to escape the cold snap right before it arrived here at home. We were wearing short sleeve shirts while everyone back home was bundled up in everything they could put on. It was great to escape the cold, even for just a little while. We did have some days of wearing jackets in Florida, too, but it wasn’t bad at all.

As you might imagine, I took lots and lots of photos while we were there. And as you might imagine, I will be sharing some of those here in the coming days and telling about some of the fun things that we did, so be watching for all of that here very soon.

I hope you and your family had as good of a Christmas as our family had!

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