Buildings in Downtown Memphis

Buildings in Downtown Memphis, Tennessee

Some of the many buildings in downtown Memphis, Tennessee.

During our visit to downtown Memphis for Jaylin’s history project, we saw that there are buildings of all shapes and sizes in that area. Of course, I knew that already, but it is still always interesting to see them all. And while this wasn’t one of our stops for a photo of a landmark, I still thought it looked interesting for my own project. Which is this blog, if you didn’t know.

I did like in this view how some of the shorter buildings seem to be the same height as some of the obviously taller buildings off in the distance. I guess it all just depends on your perspective. But I did like the view down the alley here.

For the processing of this, I really thought about going with a vintage look. However, it still would have been obvious from the vehicles in the foreground that this is a recent photo. So instead, I muted the colors somewhat from what I normally do, although I still kept a good bit of blue in the sky. Because I always like blue skies. And rainbows. And sunbeams from heaven.

About the shot:
A single RAW exposure, processed in Adobe Lightroom. Read more about the photo software and gear I use at the camera gear page.
Camera: Canon EOS 60D
Lens: Sigma 10-20mm