Boardwalk through the Swamp

Here’s What’s New

Last week, I mentioned that there was something new around here, so here is what it is: a new camera. Yes, most of the photos from our recent trip were taken with a Canon EOS-M, which has been added to the Camera Gear page. Watch for a review of the EOS-M soon! By the way, the sunset photos I took were with my Canon EOS 60D, because I accidentally left the EOS-M in the hotel room when we went out. Just so you know.

Boardwalk through the Swamp

Boardwalk through the swamp at Shingle Creek Regional Park in Kissimmee, Florida

A boardwalk winds through the swamp at Shingle Creek Regional Park in Kissimmee, Florida. Watch out for gators! Actually, we were pretty relieved that we didn’t see any alligators here because we weren’t sure what we would have done. And they might have brought some chaos to this otherwise beautiful scene.

Wandering Through Nature

We often like to find fun, out-of-the-way things to do. So on our recent trip to Florida, Laura searched online and found Shingle Creek Regional Park, which wasn’t too far from us in Kissimmee. Actually, as it turns out we had driven right by it several times without realizing it was there.

There were actually two separate areas of the park, and the only way you could get from one to another without driving through some neighborhoods was to paddle a canoe up Shingle Creek. But we didn’t have a canoe, so we had to drive.

The southern part of the park was a natural setting with trails through the woods and the boardwalk through the swamp pictured above. There was also an old plantation house there, along with a caretaker house, and both of those were from the early 1900s, although they had been extensively restored. Unfortunately, they weren’t open for us to go inside, but it was still neat to see them there.

The northern part of the park included buildings from an old citrus operation. There was also a “wildlife trail,” but we didn’t see any wildlife while we were on the trail. And it didn’t have as much shade as the wilderness trail in the southern part, so it was rather hot in the afternoon sun.

So while we enjoyed the southern part more than the northern part, we were quite glad to have the opportunity to visit this part of “natural” Florida. Pretty cool!

About the Photo

A single RAW exposure, processed in Adobe Lightroom. Read more about the photo software and gear I use at the camera gear page.
Camera: Canon EOS-M
Lens: Canon EF-M 18-55mm

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