Birthday Adventures

How did I spend my birthday? Here’s a look back:

- I got presents from my family. Isn’t that what birthdays are all about? No? Well, it is still nice.

- I went to work. Yes, it was just a regular day to the rest of the world, which meant that work had to be done. Although we did have pizza for lunch, which was nice. And delicious, too.

- I got about 873 birthday messages through Facebook and Twitter. Well, maybe not quite that many. But a lot. I appreciate each and every one of them, too. And reading them all may or may not have brought tears to my eyes.

- I watched it rain. From inside, looking out the window, of course. Some people might not like a rainy day on their birthday, but it didn’t bother me.

- I joined Pinterest. Um, what? Yes, I heard it was a good place to share photographs, of which I have more than a few. I just hope I don’t lose my man card over it.

- We went out to eat. I chose Red Lobster, one of my favorite places. And not just because I wanted to pretend I was a sailor, either. Ahoy!

- I went to church. Once again, a normal day, that happened to be on a Wednesday, which is when we have our usual mid-week church service.

- I counted people. Because this month, I am responsible for collecting the Bible class attendance on Wednesday nights. Fortunately, I can use a calculator.

- I got older. Yes, I guess that is what birthdays are really all about. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could do all that other fun stuff without the getting older part? Or maybe all the other stuff is to make up for having to get older.

So that’s about it. I know that to everyone else, it was just another day-after-Valentine’s Day-day. And I know that the world doesn’t stop just because one guy has a birthday (although I know I am not alone, I personally know of at least 7 other people with the same birthday). But I do appreciate every little thing that everyone did; it all adds up pretty quickly.

And I promise not to have another birthday until this time next year. And because this year is a leap year, next year I will be even more older than I am now. By a whole extra day.

But as for right now, I don’t feel a day over 41. Although I am.