Beach Reflections / Burnsland List of Relevance

Beach Reflections

The wet sand at Cocoa Beach, Florida, reflects the early morning sunlight as a few people get out and enjoy the water.

Pay no attention to the sloping horizon. It is really just all in your head. There’s no way I would not hold the camera perfectly level.

Cocoa Beach, Florida

Photo location: Lori Wilson Park, Cocoa Beach, Florida
A three exposure (-2, 0, +2) HDR tonemapped in Photomatix, edited in GIMP

The Burnsland List of Relevance for 3/6-3/12

Why is the Burnsland List of Relevance a regular Friday feature here? That’s a mystery that will last through the ages.

  1. Laugh-In - Our local PBS station was showing “The Best of Laugh-In” last night, bringing back memories of when I would watch reruns of it on cable in the late 1980s. And people wonder why my sense of humor is the way that it is.

  2. Ketchup - Where would the world be without ketchup? For one thing, we would probably have fewer red stains to get out of our clothes.

  3. Daylight Savings Time - Yes, it was on the list last week, too. Consider this a Public Service Announcement. Or just another hint that I’m still bitter about having to change my clocks.

  4. Ruts - Evidently, I am in a rut lately by posting a beach picture every Friday. But it’s the beach - who can complain about the beach?

  5. Gas - I think they are going to change the old saying to, “It’s worth its weight in gas.” Of course, we are talking about gasoline here. Didn’t want you to get the wrong idea.

  6. iWhatever - iPods, iPhones, iPads. iCan’tkeepup.

  7. Libya - You know you’re getting old when someone mentions Libya and one of the first things you think of is Billy Carter and Billygate.

  8. Sunshine - On my shoulders, it makes me happy. But sunshine in my eyes doesn’t make me cry. I just squint. I am a man, after all.