Batman and the Joker Walk Into a Restaurant

I thought it might be good to expand on a tweet from the other day. Here is what I originally posted:

Just as the tweet said, we were sitting in Moe’s, eating our delicious burritos and whatever else we had for lunch. Suddenly, I noticed people saying something and looking toward the door, and the others at the Riedel/Burns table were doing the same thing. I turned to look, and there were Batman and the Joker. Except that the Joker looked slightly more, um, feminine than usual.

So I did what any good American would do: I took a picture with my phone. Because how else do you get people to believe you these days? Here they are:

Batman and the Joker Walk into a Restaurant

In case you aren’t certain, that’s Batman in the center of the photo, and the Joker is to his right. And the Joker was missing his/her trademark green hair. Must have gotten it dyed dark to blend in with the rest of us a little better, because super villains get so much negative attention these days. I wasn’t close enough to hear if Batman ordered in his trademark gravelly voice like in the last three movies, but I’m sure he did. Because it was Batman, after all.

Also, it was interesting to see that Batman and the Joker fight each other all the time in their good guy/bad guy roles, but then they take the time to stop and eat lunch together. They must be members of the same union, I’m guessing. But as soon as 1:00 PM came, I imagined they dispensed with the pleasantries and went back to their epic attempts to outdo each other.

However, I did find out later that there was a comic convention (that would be “Comic Con” for all you hipster comic fans out there) in the area, so they probably just dressed up as their favorite comic book pair for the convention, and they stopped by Moe’s for a bite to eat on their way to or from the convention. That makes much more sense. But it isn’t as good of a story to share.

No, I like to picture it more along the lines of Batman growling to the Moe’s employee, “Just to let you know, I am about to use that burrito as a weapon against my sworn enemy over there. And can I get a side of queso, please?”

Yes, I’m sure that is what happened.

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