At the Beach We Saw: Pelicans

When we are at the beach, I always enjoy watching everything that goes on there. But I especially enjoy watching the pelicans. These great birds soar all around over the water, and then they dive down to catch a fish. Once a fish is caught, they sit there on the surface of the water, bobbing up and down while enjoying their catch. And then they take off to do it all again.

Seems to be a pretty good life, doesn’t it? Being at the beach all day, enjoying the water, fishing. Well, I’m not that much of a fan of fishing, but the rest of it sounds pretty good.

Unfortunately for me as a photographer, the pelicans seem to stay pretty far away from people in general. Usually, we just see them way out in the water. Sometimes, we do see one sitting on top of a pole sticking out of the water, but there never is a good place to stop the car and get a photo. So instead, I just made a drawing of my own:

If any pelican thinks that this doesn’t do him justice, then he is free to come closer and pose for a photo on our next visit.

This drawing was made with watercolor and India ink. Although it was actually all done digitally, with simulations of those tools. For a peek at the creation process, check out the animation below:

At the Beach We Saw: Pelicans

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