At the Beach I Saw...Tattoos

Note: This is a short series about things I saw at the beach.

At the beach, there are lots of people there. And those people don’t wear all that many clothes. Obviously. Because who would wear lots of clothes to the beach in the summer? Besides the fact that it is really hot from the sun beating down on you, all those clothes would really weight you down when you get in the water.

Because of all that, at the beach you see lots of skin. And on all that skin, I saw tattoos. Lots and lots of tattoos. Tattoos everywhere.

One day, Laura said to me, “I think we are the only ones over the age of 18 out here without a tattoo.” And the more I started looking around, the more I realized she was right.

Some people just had small tattoos. Maybe on a shoulder, or on the back of a neck, or on an upper arm, or on an ankle. But then, some people had large tattoos. And lots of them, too. And there were some that were in some, um, interesting places.

I’m sure those tattoos were more visible because of the amount of skin on display. And no one was really coming up to us and saying, “Hey, look at my tattoo.” But it was still easy to see them.

I know nothing about tattoos, but I would guess that those girls who were just putting sunscreen on certain parts of their tattoos must have just gotten them recently. Again, I wasn’t being nosy or anything, but they set up their stuff right in front of us. So we really couldn’t help seeing that.

I know lots of people have tattoos these days, but I didn’t know just how many had them until we started looking around.

Interesting, to say the least.