At the Beach I Saw...Crack

Note: This is a short series about things I saw at the beach.

At the beach I saw crack. And I don’t mean cocaine.

No, I mean the other kind of crack. The one that is found at everyone’s backside.

It really wasn’t that I was trying to stare, or even trying to look. It was just there.

Male and female, young and old.

Of course, the bikinis that some girls wear tend to expose that area of the body. And, unfortunately, the speedos that some men wear do the same thing. It would appear that these men were from other countries, because most American men don’t wear things like that.

Kids do not seem to notice when their pants are falling down, or at least their pants are riding low. And apparently, one older man did not notice, either. Again, I wasn’t trying to look. It was just there before I could look away.

I don’t know. Maybe there are a lot of plumbers and future plumbers at the beach these days.

But if your pants are falling down, kindly pull them up.