Animal Kingdom Lodge / Observations of the Past Week

Animal Kingdom Lodge

We usually make a point to drop by the Animal Kingdom Lodge when we are at Walt Disney World. Partly because it is close to the condo where we stay, and partly to see the animals. And then I always enjoy the architecture, too.

This is one of those moments that looked great when we were there, and I thought it would make a great picture. And the resulting picture looks pretty much just like I imagined it would. That actually doesn’t happen all the time, you know. Sometimes pictures turn out better, sometimes they turn out worse. But this one was just right.

Animal Kingdom Lodge at Walt Disney World

Photo location: Animal Kingdom Lodge, Walt Disney World, Florida
A three-exposure (-2, 0, +2) HDR tonemapped in Photomatix, edited in GIMP

Observations of the Past Week (6/26-7/1)

Here are the Observations of the Past Week from Twitter and Facebook. Of course, if everyone in the world followed me at one of those places, posts like this would be irrelevant, wouldn’t they?

I have the honor of cooking supper tonight. Welcome to Esteban’s Casa de Taco Salad! (If you have to have a salad, might as well have a taco salad!)

Leftovers from Esteban’s for lunch. Good stuff! (Man, that guy can cook!)

No one said anything yesterday about my new haircut. Hmm… (Wasn’t it obvious?)

Hard to tell it’s a hot summer day here in our over-airconditioned office. Maybe I should step outside to thaw. (Wouldn’t take long before I came back inside.)

Nothing like running in to the office during a rain storm. At least it’s a short run. And we did need the rain, too. That’s why I’m wet. (In case you needed to know my excuse.)

Every time I start for the restroom, my phone rings. It’s like someone is spying on me. (If you call once I actually reach the restroom, that’s what voicemail is for. Other people in nearby offices should learn that.)

Today doesn’t feel like a Wednesday. Not sure what a Wednesday should feel like. Maybe it feels like the hair on a velvet Elvis painting. (Come on, you know you’ve touched one before.)

If Wednesday feels like Velvet Elvis, then Thursday feels like melting butter. Whatever that means. (And that’s when the analogies started to run dry.)

If you answer the phone, and the recording tells you it is an important call, I figure it really isn’t and hang up. (If it were really important, I would at least expect a live person with a funny foreign accent telling me that.)

Hello world! Here’s a song that we’re singing - come on, get happy. (You mean everyone doesn’t know that song? Now I feel old.)

Nothing like looking around in an old building on Main Street in downtown Memphis. Got to see the basement and the roof, too! (Because they just don’t make buildings, or much of anything else, like they used to.)

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