A Quick Look at Laura's School Program (Video)

This year, Laura wrote and directed the spring program for Harding Academy Cordova Early Childhood, which included children from age 2 through senior kindergarten. She gathered songs, wrote new words to familiar songs, and coordinated all of it around a theme of Memphis.

Here is a quick video that I put together from the program:


That was a quick 30 second time-lapse video of the 30 minute program. If you want to see the whole thing, you can see it here.

By the way, the music you hear during the short version is Jaylin playing “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” on the piano, which was also used as one of the “transition” songs in the actual program while children were entering and leaving the stage.

Laura got lots of compliments on the program, as did all of the other teachers, because they all worked hard on it, and the children did, too. I think it was one of the best programs they have ever done!

And I don’t say that just because I am biased, either.

About the video: Filmed and photographed with a GoPro camera and then edited in GoPro Studio Camera: GoPro Hero3+ Silver

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