A New Family Photo

Here We Are!

A new family photo

We recently discovered that we needed a new family photo, so we took one, right in our den.

For our family photo, we decided that the best time to take one would be on a Sunday when we got home from church and were dressed nicely.

The den seemed like a good place for our photo, but we have taken several photos in there. Laura suggested that we use a different angle from our normal spots, so we did. We are actually standing right in front of our couch, and the camera is in front of the television. This angle is actually 90 degrees from either of our usual photo spots. I liked her idea and how it turned out because it was something different.

As Jaylin grows up, we might not have as many opportunities to take family photos together. I am sure we can take some on special occasions when those come up. But it is nice to be able to take some now just about whenever we want to. I probably take that for granted too much right now.

Senior Night

Recently Jaylin and the other football seniors and their parents were recognized on Senior Night. This year, no one shook hands or hugged as was done in previous years. We wore masks and stayed away from each other.

Here are a few photos of the evening featuring us, along with a couple of Riedels. Click each one for a larger view.

I took all of those photos with my phone and not my camera, by the way. You might have seen some of them on social media if you follow me on some channels. There is an “official” photo of the three of us on the school website, which is good to have, too. It was a nice evening. And Laura’s rose lasted for two weeks in a vase at home before we had to toss it out.

About the Photo

For the “formal” family photo, I mentioned above taking that in our den. As you might guess, I used a tripod and the timer function in the camera. I also used an external flash bouncing off of the ceiling. These photos always require a bit of trial and error for me. We got it right after several tries of centering and lighting. I am glad to be able to see results immediately. That beats guessing and then getting prints made and trying again, which is how we did it in the old days, kids. Be thankful you live when you do and not in the dark ages like us old folks!

Main Photo: A single Raw exposure, processed in Aurora HDR and touched up in Photoshop. Read more about photography tips, photo software, camera gear, and more at Steve’s Photography Tips.
Camera: Sony Alpha A7 II
Lens: Sony FE 28-70mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS lens
Date: September 20, 2020
Location: Home, WillistonTennessee

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