A Long Walk

A week ago, they started working on our office parking lot. Which may not sound like a big deal.

Our office is situated so that we can park right outside the door and take a short walk to get inside. And by short, I mean like five or six steps. Depending on the size of your steps. Nice and convenient.

But because of the work on the parking lot, we had to park in the lot of the next building and walk over. Which wasn’t that bad at all last Friday. The sun was shining, which was nice. It was a cool day, but not exactly cold. So it was actually pretty pleasant. And we were told that the work would take a couple of days, and we would probably have to park over there again on Monday.

Then, it started raining on Sunday. It rained on Monday. It rained on Tuesday. It snowed on Wednesday morning. Not exactly the best weather for paving. And it wasn’t just filling in a few holes. They completely dug out about 30 feet of pavement, all the way down to the dirt.

And now here it is Friday again. A whole week has passed. Because of the weather, they haven’t been able to work. Which means that I have had to walk to the office in the rain. And in the snow. And in the freezing cold.

Oh, the horror! Oh, the suffering! Misery! Agony! Frustration! Humiliation!

Um, really, it wasn’t that bad. Yes, it was a longer walk than a few steps. And yes, it was wet at times. And snowy at times. But I survived just fine. And I probably even got a little bit of exercise.

Of course, once the parking lot is finished, I am taking up my spot right outside the door again. Wouldn’t you?

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