A Healed Horse

You may remember reading about when we brought our horse Bubba home from the horse hospital after he had a fungus in his eye. As you may recall, we were faced with expensive eye surgery, removing his eye, or giving him several medicines in his eye for an extended time. We chose the medicines, and after a week the veterinary ophthalmologist was surprised at how much he had already recovered.

We have had Bubba home for about three weeks now, giving him his eye medicines four times each day. That has required some adjustments to our schedule, because we aren’t typically home enough to give him medicine that often. But we did the best we could.

And yesterday, the vet came to give the good news - Bubba is healed! Well, he still has a spot on his eye from where the fungus was, but that will get smaller over time. And we don’t have to give him medicine any more, which is a big relief. He still has to stay in his stall for a week or so to let the medicine wear off completely. But other than that, he is good to go.

That just goes to show you that God answers prayers. Even prayers about horses.