A Happy Horse - Video

Perhaps you remember reading about our horse, Bubba, who had an eye infection and spent some time at the horse hospital. After that, he was doing much better, although he had to stay in his stall for a while to let his medicine wear off. As it turns out, he had to stay in a good bit longer than we had expected.

But then this past Sunday, he finally got to come out of his stall for a while. This was his first time to be free outside in over two months, actually. Needless to say, he was pretty happy about it, as you can see here:


On a normal day, he doesn’t jump around like that, although rolling in the dirt as he did is a pretty common occurrence. The vet recommended that Bubba wear a fly mask as a precaution, so that is what is over his face, in case you are wondering. But don’t worry - he can see out of it just fine.

I think he jumps around pretty well for a 21-year-old horse. That is about 60 in people years. If I had been in a small space for that long, I would probably jump around, too.

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