A Bit of Memphis in Florida

When we are in Florida, we usually stop by Walmart to stock up on supplies for the refrigerator. Well, really, they are for us - we just keep them in the refrigerator. But anyway…

And when we are in a Walmart, wherever it may be, I usually look through the toy aisles. Um, I mean Jaylin usually looks through the toy aisles, and I just go with him. Yeah, that’s it.

So imagine my surprise when we found this at Walmart in Kissimmee, Florida:


Yes, a die-cast Memphis Police Car. Part of the Hero Patrol series, apparently. As in back-home-where-we-live-Memphis. Not that we actually live in Memphis, but we go there most every day. And yes, that car looks just like the real thing.

So did we get one? No. We figured we could see the real thing all the time just by driving around Memphis for a few minutes.

But I was left wondering: Is it a good thing or a bad thing when they make a toy of a city’s police cars? Hmm.

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