41 already?

It is February 15 again, which means that I am wrapping up one trip around the sun and starting on the next one. This one I’m starting will be trip number 42. Which doesn’t mean that I am 42 years old, by the way. We number ourselves by the trip that we just completed. But you probably knew that already.

It’s funny - I don’t feel 365 days over 40 years old. I am not really sure what I feel, but on most days I don’t feel old. There are a few times here and there, but not as a general rule. I hear people talking about feeling old all the time. And I feel badly for them when they are younger than I am. I hope I can still say the same thing in future years.

However, I can no longer comfort myself with the fact that I am still less than a year out of my 30s. Now, I am firmly into my 40s. Not that I could have turned back to my 30s before; it is just that now they seem farther away than they were. That is probably because they are farther away than they were. Funny how that works. At least I am still some years away from my 50s. Nothing against any of you that may already be in your 50s or beyond. I’m just digging myself deeper into a hole now, aren’t I? Better quit while I am ahead, or I might not see 42.

Who knows what the next year holds? I certainly don’t. But then I didn’t know a year ago what the year that just passed would hold, either, and I made it through just fine. As it turns out, turning 40 wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it might be. And besides, I try not to worry about what the future might be. Instead, I just thank God for what he has given me so far. And I really couldn’t ask for more. I wouldn’t know what to ask for. I don’t even know where to ask to go eat for my birthday. I will just be happy with some place that serves food.

Hopefully, the future will be at least as good as the past has been.

By the way, last year I had a clever post about what all was happening on February 15, 1971. I guess I am not quite that clever this year, because I haven’t come up with anything else. It isn’t like what happened back on that date has changed any, though. And if it has, don’t tell me.

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