As of today, I am forty-one and a half years old. 41.5. Halfway to 42.

For whatever reason, people don’t really celebrate half birthdays. And I can see why, because it really isn’t that big of a deal. I’m not really celebrating, either, actually. Just mentioning.

Jaylin is still of that age where you want to be as old as you can be. So being nine and a half was a pretty big deal before he turned ten. Although he wouldn’t as quickly say he was nine and a half as he would say he was eight and a half when he was that age.

When you are in single digits, that extra half of a year is pretty significant. It is saying, “I may be eight, but I am really even closer to being nine!” Not too many people want to say that when they are 41. Not too many people even want to admit that they are 41. I’m not always a big fan of it myself, but I can’t really change it. So I might as well accept it.

So here I am. Forty-one and a half. Or 41 1/2 if you prefer. From here, it is all downhill to 42.