2022 Disney Cruise Report Day 7 - The Last Evening

In the previous part of the 2022 Disney Cruise, we had spent a fun day at Castaway Cay. But now it was time to go back to the Disney Fantasy for one last evening…

Friday, June 10 (Continued)

Eventually, the time came to leave, so that we would not get left behind. It was almost 3:30 by that time, and the all-aboard time was 4:30. Although how bad would it be to be left behind on Castaway Cay? I think I could handle that, at least for a while. But that might not be considerate of those we were traveling with. So we gathered up our stuff and started to make our way back toward the Disney Fantasy.

Folded beach umbrellas on Castaway Cay, the Disney Cruise Line’s Bahamas island

It is always a little sad to see the umbrellas folded, because that means that it is almost time to leave.

However, we still needed to do a little shopping first, so we stopped in to make our purchases, once again having to wear masks. I had just kept mine from before. I felt sorry for the crew members that worked in there because with the heat and humidity, it felt difficult for me to breathe just for the few minutes we were in there. I can’t imagine being in there longer. We made our purchases and continued on toward the ship.

Laura and Jaylin at Mt. Rustmore on Castaway Cay

Stopping back by Mt. Rustmore on our way back because my morning photo of Laura and Jaylin was slightly blurry.

We took our time walking to the ship because it was still such a beautiful day. And the views of the ship as you walk along the shore are really something, too. So we stopped often to take a photo. I think Jaylin was about ready just to go ahead without us, but he did not.

The Disney Fantasy at Castaway Cay

Walking back toward the Disney Fantasy. If we did have to leave Castaway Cay, at least we got to get back on a cool ship!

Laura and the Disney Fantasy

Laura and her ride. Well actually, it was everyone’s ride. Thanks for sharing!

Castaway Cay Bouy

One more reminder of where we were, even with latitude and longitude, just in case you need to find it on the map.

And before we go, here is a look at my sun exposure for the day from my watch. Lots of time in the sun!

We swiped our cards and were back on the Disney Fantasy again, and the air conditioning did feel nice after the warm (but actually not too warm) day. We headed back to our room to go out on the verandah and watch the crew cast off the lines so that we could leave. My parents and Kaitlyn were out on their verandahs as well. And this time we left right on time, unlike in Jamaica. As we were sailing away, those lucky crew members who stayed behind on the island put on Mickey gloves and waved goodbye to us. Yes, they always do that, but it is still a nice touch each time we see it. We sailed away, saying farewell to Castaway Cay once again.

Waving goodbye to the crew members of Castaway Cay

Waving goodbye to the crew members who were waving goodbye to us.

By that time, it was time to shower and get ready for dinner. The dress for this evening was to be cruise casual, which to me means dress up a little but not as much as a formal or semi-formal night. We Burnses chose not to see the Believe show in the Walt Disney Theatre that night. I don’t think I have ever actually seen that one, although I have seen parts of it on the TV in our stateroom before. And we never have felt too bad about missing it, although it seems like most everyone else goes to see it every time. 

Laura on the Disney Fantasy verandah

Laura on the verandah after getting dressed for dinner.

Laura and Steve on the Disney Fantasy verandah

One more selfie photo of the two of us.

Because we had to have our luggage out in the hall later on that evening, we went ahead and packed up everything that we could, making sure to leave behind what we needed for the night and the next morning. I was glad that I had brought my backpack so that I could use it as a “carry-off” bag that would hold all of my stuff. Besides my separate camera bag and our souvenir bags, of course. Even with putting our suitcases out in the hall, we still have lots to carry off. And we have put our suitcases out in the hall on the last night for enough cruises now that it does not even seem like an inconvenience, because we know what to expect and how to plan for it.

Once we had everything packed up, and once we had taken a few photos out on our verandah, we went downstairs to explore a little more and just pass the time. We went down the aft stairs near our room and ended up in the lounge area. We could not pass up taking a few photos with the Vespa and sidecar there. Why not have some fun?

Laura and Mom with a Vespa

Laura was going for a ride, but Mom wasn’t sure that she wanted to go along!

Laura and Jaylin with a Vespa

Jaylin takes Laura for a ride!

We also went out on the Deck 4 Promenade to enjoy the evening breeze, and we took a few photos around the Atrium Lobby, too. The ship photographers were not out that night, as it was the last night, so we just had to take our own photos. Fortunately, I have a camera for that.

Jaylin, Laura, and Steve on the Disney Fantasy

Us three Burnses on a balcony at the Atrium Lobby

Laura and Jaylin on the Disney Fantasy

Laura and Jaylin with some better lighting than before.

The Disney Fantasy Atrium Lobby

Looking down at the Atrium Lobby. If you look closely, Laura and my Dad are at the benches near the center of the photo.

Kaitlyn, Mom, and Laura on the bench near our restaurant for the evening.

Kaitlyn, Mom, and Laura on the bench near our restaurant for the evening.

The four Luttrells on the stairs in the Atrium Lobby

The four Luttrells on the stairs in the Atrium Lobby

Once the Believe show was over, we met back up with the Luttrells. We had one more dinner in Royal Court. The night before, Randy, Yuni, and Nolan had all mentioned that it was the night for lobster tails and chocolate lava cake! Sure enough, that was the menu for the night, the Captain’s Feast. So with that, how could you pass up getting a lobster tail? Most everyone in our group got one. When they brought out the lobster tails, Nolan came around and was able to get all of the meat out of the split tail with a fork in just one motion, and he went around and did that for all of us so that they could take away the shells. I was impressed with how easy he made it look! The lobster was delicious, which I have probably said about everything I had at dinner each night on the cruise, but it was. However, instead of chocolate lava cake, I decided to have apple pie for dessert, because that sounded delicious as well. And it was, no surprise there. 

Before we left, we took a photo with Randy and Yuni, but we never did get one with Nolan, unfortunately. They had been a great team of servers, and we were glad to have been at their table.

Jaylin and Laura with Randy, our dinner server for the week.

Jaylin and Laura with Randy, our dinner server for the week.

All of us with Yuni and Randy, except for Kaitlyn who I believe was taking the photo.

All of us with Yuni and Randy, except for Kaitlyn who I believe was taking the photo.

Back in the Atrium Lobby, Mickey and Minnie were posing for photos on the grand staircase, except of course that you had to take your own photo since the photographers were not out. We decided not to wait in line, but we stayed around to watch the fun for a while. They did not do the traditional “See You Real Soon” show in the Atrium Lobby where the characters would come out and wave goodbye, but I was guessing that was another Covid cut. At least Mickey and Minnie were out there, though.

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse in the Atrium Lobby of the Disney Fantasy

One last time to see Mickey and Minnie on this cruise

We went back to our room to put our suitcases out in the hall so that they would be waiting for us in the terminal when we returned. Reeda had left us one last towel creation, although I am not sure exactly what it was. It was still interesting, though. And Reeda had done a great job with our room the whole week, always stopping to talk to us whenever she saw us.

A towel creation

Our last towel creation from Reeda

That went for so many of the crew members on this cruise. Everyone has always been friendly on all of our Disney Cruises, but this time it was even better, it seemed. There was even one custodial crew member who was usually out in the lobby area who would speak to us each time she saw us. I wish I had remembered her name to include in our end-of-cruise survey. But really, we could have included every crew member we came in contact with because they were all so friendly and helpful. They really go out of their way in that area.

After getting our suitcases out in the hall, Laura and I went for one last Deck 4 Promenade stroll on the Disney Fantasy. When we went through the Atrium Lobby to go outside, Donald and Daisy were out for photos, even though it was getting late in the evening.

Donald Duck and Daisy Duck in the Atrium Lobby of the Disney Fantasy

Donald and Daisy in the Atrium Lobby. And you can also see Mickey Mouse, the entertainment guys, the Minnie Mouse statue, and the entrance to the Royal Court restaurant.

Laura and Mickey Mouse

Laura and Mickey before we headed up to our room to go to bed.

We had a nice stroll, enjoying the gently rocking ship and the cool evening air one last time before heading back to our room for one last sleep on the Disney Fantasy. It had been a great day, and a great cruise.

There’s still a little more! Coming up, leaving the ship on the last morning and some concluding thoughts. Check back soon for more from our 2022 Disney Cruise!

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