2019 Band Banquet Photos

Party Time

We set up a photo booth at the Harding Academy Band Banquet, as we did last year. Of course, we needed to do something different this year from last year’s banquet photos, because why do the same thing every year? Laura is the idea person for these sorts of things, so I leave all of that to her and then help out in any way that I can.

We were on a bit of a time crunch due to being out of town for a few days right before the banquet, but it all turned out just fine, in my opinion.

Band Banquet photos

I always have to take a few practice photos to make sure that I have all of the camera settings right, and you never know what you might get with those. This was Laura and Jaylin’s pose for this year’s test.

You might not be able to tell it from the small photo here, but those circles behind them have a few lines of music on one side and solid colors on the other. Pretty cool, although I have no idea what the music would sound like if you played it. Who has time for that when there is a photo booth to set up?

Band Banquet photos

When the evening was almost over, I realized that we did not have a photo of the two of us yet. So I enlisted our backup photographer (that would be Jaylin), and we got a photo of ourselves to add to the collection.

Would you believe how difficult it is to get some people to come get their picture taken? Even when you tell them it is completely free and they can download it later, some people don’t want to participate. Oh well, no big deal. The ones that did stop by all seemed to enjoy it. Hopefully, their photos are a good reminder of a fun night, just like when we used to have our photos taken at the banquets back when we were in the band. Those were great times.

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About the Photos

For the evening, I used all manual settings on the camera. That way, once everything was set, I did not have to change anything. That made it all go a little quicker, and it gave more consistent results, too. And with having everything set right ahead of time, I did not have to do any processing to these photos, except for a few that I had to crop slightly because they were not quite centered. That made the final process go more quickly, too.

For some similar events in the past, I have had a remote flash on its own stand slightly off to my side. But for this one, I decided to just have the flash mounted on the camera. Because the flash is adjustable, I had it pointed straight up with a diffuser over the flash, so it gave a more natural looking light than a straight on flash, but I did not have to worry about someone running into the flash pole. I think it worked well here.

These kinds of things are fun to do, especially when you have good people to work with.

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