2015 Disney Cruise Day 3 Part 2 - Pirate Night

When last we left our Disney Cruise, the rain was really coming down at Castaway Cay (read part 1 of this day for more if you missed it). Did we survive the rain? Read on!

We stood in the rain as we waited in the food line, although once we got up to actually get our food we were under cover. We made our way back to the table, and the girls went to get their food. We waited a little bit on them to start eating, but we finally decided to just go ahead and eat. The girls finally arrived with their food, and the rain was really pouring by that point.

We finished our food, but the rain wasn’t finished yet. Laura ran over to our nearby umbrella to retrieve all of our stuff that we had left there, and others came and joined us under the cover of the seating area. Part of the seating area was being used by one of the youth activity shore excursions, and they kept having to run people out of their area. Finally, they consolidated their area a bit and opened up a few more tables for those seeking shelter.

We knew things were serious when one of the crew members announced that all remaining shore excursions for the day were canceled, and that they would be refunding money that people had paid for those. That sounded like the rain was going to continue for quite a while. And based on that, as well as all the rain that had already fallen, we started making our plans to go back to the ship.

The only problem with our plan was that the ship was a good ways away, and the rain was still falling. And those warm towels that we had gotten earlier in the morning were now pretty wet and anything but warm. Who knew cruises could be so cold sometimes? We did, actually, based on our experiences on our previous cruise. But it is still surprising each time it happens.

Finally, the rain started to let up somewhat, although it never did end. Still, it was light enough compared to how it had been that we decided to make a break for the ship. Except that we stopped off in the shop for a few minutes on our way, because they always have a few things there that they don’t have on the ship, and we wanted to make sure that we didn’t miss anything. After that, we figured that we could get there just about as quickly if we walked instead of taking the tram, so that is what we did.

I bet those warm towels from earlier aren’t so warm any more.

When we were back on board the ship, we headed to our rooms to dry off and put on dry clothes, hoping to warm up a bit. Since there wasn’t much we could do outside, we all decided to go see the live-action version of Cinderella, which was playing in the movie theater. We didn’t have much time to get changed and get over there, so we ended up sitting pretty close to the front of the theater. But it was something to do that was out of the rain, so that was nice. And the movie turned out to be better than I thought it would be, too, so that was a plus. And we didn’t have to pay to see it in a theater at home, so that was good, too. Except for the rain, we were winning all around.

Rain on our verandah. Read all about it in the earlier post Rain on the Disney Dream Verandah.

The only downside was that it was cold in the theater. So that just made our cold feeling from being in the rain even worse. I’m not sure why it is always so cold in those theaters on the ship, but it seems like it is. It probably wouldn’t have felt that cold on a hot, sunny day. But apparently the thermostat didn’t get the memo that it was cold and rainy outside, so the system just kept pumping cold air in the theater anyway. Maybe they should hand out warm towels before a movie starts.

It’s raining, it’s pouring. And during the movie someone was snoring.

After the movie, we killed time for a while in various ways. Laura and a few of the others got some hot chocolate to try to warm up. Who would have thought we would have been standing around drinking hot chocolate and coffee, with some of us wearing jackets, on a Bahamas cruise in June? Brrr. We wandered around the ship for a while, mainly sticking to the lower decks and the covered parts of the upper decks, before heading back to our rooms.

Laura checks her phone.

Karen checks her phone.

Zach doesn’t check his phone, but he does get photobombed.

Laura tries to get warm while watching the water get wet from the rain.

Pirate Night is always the same night as the Castaway Cay day, so after our wanderings, we got ready for the Pirate Night festivities. We don’t go all out with our pirate costumes like some people do, but maybe we looked at least a little piratey. We even took some pirate family portraits out on our verandah since the rain was starting to let up some.

At least the tube of the AquaDuck protected those people from the raindrops.

Jaylin and his good friend Nigel from Finding Nemo.

A family of Riedel pirates. Arrr.

And a family of Burns pirates, too. Arrrr.

Our meal was once again at Animator’s Palate, but this time the screens featured drawings and artwork of pirates from different Disney movies, such as Peter Pan, Treasure Planet, and even some concept art from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. It was a nice touch to go along with the pirate menus and pirate costumes that the servers were wearing. And Constantin mentioned that the meal courses would be brought out a little more quickly on this night to make sure that everyone had plenty of time to eat before going up to the Pirate Night stuff.

Pirate Jaylin in the window.

Pirate Katie in the window.

Hiding behind the menu?

Another night of random dinner photos. Here’s Karen.

Random Katie photo. Who knew cruising could be such hard work?

Random Brant photo.

Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Or random Zach photo.

Who’s that? Just some random guy.

Random photo of Laura not hiding any more.

When it was time for dessert, Laura said she didn’t want anything because she was full. All of that food does start to add up after a while, you know. So when everyone else got their dessert, Laura got a platter with “I’m Full” written on it in chocolate glaze. Just another example of the little touches that the servers do, especially after they get to know you a bit.

Laura and her “I’m Full” plate.

Once the rest of us had finished our desserts, we went back by our rooms before going up to the pool deck for the Pirate Night party. Dennis had left a pirate monkey hanging from the ceiling as our towel animal of the night, complete with one of the pirate bandanas that they had given everyone for Pirate Night. We dropped off our things and then headed up for the party.

Pirate monkey thing!

Fortunately, the rain had stopped enough for them to do their pirate activities for the night. We found a good spot at the far end from the stage, but we could still see what was going on once the show started. The stage show with Captain Jack Sparrow is a little cheesy, if you ask me, but those who had been drinking a little “pirate rum” during the evening probably didn’t mind that at all. And I did recognize a couple of the performers who were from the Seven Dwarfs show the night before, too. Captain Jack fought the bad guys and saved the day once again. In case you doubted that he would.

Yo ho, yo ho, a Pirate’s Night for me.

You can’t really tell, but that’s Captain Jack Sparrow up there saving the day.

Once the show ended, the fireworks were right behind us, so we had a good view of those. Not much beats fireworks at sea, if you ask me. Once the fireworks had ended and the dancing started, the Riedels decided to head for their room for the night. We Burnses lingered for a while, not that we were among the dancers, but it was interesting to watch the pirates from the stage show come and interact with the crowd, and we enjoyed the dance music, too.


Oooh! Aaaah!

So that’s how pirates party! I always wondered.

But eventually, drowsiness got the better of us, and we headed back to our room as well, skipping the pirate buffet for the night. After all, Laura wasn’t the only one who was full by that point. The Riedels weren’t quite in bed yet, although they were getting close. And we weren’t too far behind them.

We drifted off to sleep with the boom-de-boom-de-boom of the dance music echoing faintly in the distance.

Check back soon for the next day of our cruise report!

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